ASB Structural Steel Detailing

At ASB Steel Detailing London, we have completed  projects within the Commercial, Residential, and Governmental sectors. The majority of our work focuses on covering structural steel, rebar detailing scheduling and Tilt panel Concrete detailing. 

We have vast experience working with a variety of  fabricators, engineering and structural design companies and erectors.

Our clients vary in size across the entire spectrum,  from small local businesses to large national organizations and our service deliverables have ranged from shop drawing supply to full design integration followed all the way to BIM on site collaboration.

We offer Tekla steel detailing & structural drafting services of the highest quality, are dependable and focus on offering the best experience so that we can build strong, long lasting client relationships into the future

Our goal at ASB Structural Drafting is to provide high quality shop drawings via Tekla, Pro steel or auto cad models on budget and on time for our clients.

We seek to collaborate with our clients wherever possible to innovate techniques that could produce efficiencies and offer solutions to improve the process of information transfer within the construction industry.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and we tailor all of our services based around their ever evolving requirements.

We are a mid sized company of Structural Detailers and Designers, who detail most types of steel structures, and specialize in the following:-


Structural detailing using Pro-Steel, Tekla, Advanced Steel which is a 3-D modelling system produced and used throughout the world. The system allows us to create a model of any type of steel framework; from simple structures to multi-storey buildings. The database then holds all the required information to quickly and efficiently produce general arrangements, shop detail drawings, bolt lists, material lists, CNC data files etc. The system is necessarily fast and accurate in execution, and with two stations networked together (with more planned for the future) we can produce drawings for large amounts of steelwork in a short space of time.

Please browse our Featured Projects for more information on our drafting services.