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Structural Steel Erection Drawings

After the structure has already been modeled and checked, a set of subsequent drawings are usually prepared for fabrication and erection processes.

In the erection stage, an appropriate quantity of information is usually required to be supplied to the erecter in order to understand how the members frame together. As it’s not the responsibility of the erecter to study the shop drawings, the detailer duty is to prepare a separate set of drawings for erection step, these types of drawings are usually referred to as erection drawings.

Erection drawings are those drawings created in order to locate each separate piece or subassembly of pieces in their assigned shipping or erection marks, they usually show the sizes of members and give sufficient information to the erecter in order to assemble the structure easily in the fieldwork.

These drawings consist of line diagram representing framing in plans, elevations and sections to which principal dimensions, erection marks, notes, and when required; enlarged details, bolts installation requirements and also field welding requirements are added. Usually, the numerical identification of erection drawings is prefaced with E, such as E1, E2, E101, and E302.