Steel Structural Drafting.


  • Structural Steel Detailing,
  • Rebar Steel Scheduling. 
  • Tilt panel Concrete Detailing.

Using some third party software in tandem with Tekla Structures, we developed methods to help reduce unforeseen and undesirable costs in transport, galvanising and fabrication by flagging problematic items at the early 3D modelling stages (Ie:- frames oversized for standard transport or galvanising)

Analysis of specialized or complex structures e.g. towers, helical staircases etc. using the industry standard softwares whichuse’s a 3-D plastic, elastic, and sway analysis programme . We can produce design reports efficiently utilizing the accompanying structural calculation package; TEDDS, and can personalize them incorporating your own company information, logos etc as needed. We also have many years experience in the drafting of offshore-related structures, and can provide professional indemnity cover for all of our design work.

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Steel Detailing

  • Truck transportation limit reports
  • Galvanising bath limit reports
  • Shipping volume reports

Having re-occurring issues through the Procurement, Fabrication or Transportation of your projects? Let us know what information could help stop these costs and we’ll be happy to innovate a way forward with you.

We are helping clients through more than just the steel detailing stages of their projects and supplying drafting packages. Here are just a few examples:-

  • Tender models
  • Procurement models
  • Engineering design models
  • Sub-contractor Tekla drafting management
  • Material tracking management from tender to erection using on-site tablet technology through our cloud servers.